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Five Things You Should Not Put in Your Septic System

Septic systems can run smoothly and break down waste if you take good care of them. That care extends to what you put into your septic system because some things can cause clogs or other problems. Here is a list of five things that you should avoid putting in your septic system.

Sanitary Solids

Dental floss, flushable wipes, paper towels and pads or tampons should not be flushed. Place any of these used items in your trash can to dispose of them.

Compostable Food

Eggshells, coffee grounds and solid food waste may not be finely grounded in a garbage disposal, and they can create a mess in your septic system.

Grease and Oil

Cooking grease is also a notorious cause of clogs in septic systems, but other oils can create a similar mess. Be cautious with certain hair and skin products that are oily.

Harsh Chemicals

Concentrated bleach and disinfecting cleaners can kill the friendly bacteria that help your septic system work properly. Other hazardous substances such as paint or motor oil have no business going down the drain.

Funeral at Sea

Small pets, including rodents or fish, should not be flushed. Your septic system is not designed to aid the decomposition process.
You can take a common sense approach to your septic system to keep it working as it should. If you have more questions about what to avoid, contact AAA Whites Septic Tank Services Inc.