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Common Septic System Problems

Because a septic system relies on several holding areas, it’s important to identify signs of problems before they worsen.

Tree Root Damage

Even though your septic system pipes were built in cleared areas, large trees and shrubs can grow their roots through the walls of your tank or pipes. Then, groundwater can leak into the pipes and enter the septic system, causing it to back up.

Drain Field Backup

When your septic system is unable to absorb gray water, it will back up in the drain field. This may not back up into your system, but you may notice a foul smell or see puddling water above the system, both are common signs of a backed up drain field. This is usually caused by too much water or debris in the drain field.

Septic Tank Overflow

If your septic tank overflows, you’ll know. There are, however a couple of signs you may see before the system backs up into your home. Abnormally luscious grass above your septic tank or slow-draining toilets can point to a potential back up into the home.
The best way to avoid these problems is a regular checkup. South Texas Grease Retrieval will inspect your septic system to find problems before they spiral out of control. Schedule your septic system inspection with South Texas Grease Retrieval today! 361-742-1685